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Turning your food scraps into healthy soil.

Why Compost?

Healthy Soil.  Healthy Food. Healthy Families.

  • We all want our families to live happy, healthy lives.  To be healthy, we need healthy food, which starts with healthy soil.  Our soil holds all of the nutrients we need to grow the fruits, vegetables, and grains we need to grow nutritious food.  By applying compost to our soil, we build soil organic matter, increase nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels, and facilitate soil structure development.  All of these attributes increase the productivity of your vegetable garden or your ornamental plants without the addition of other pollutants.

    But that’s not it…


    Repurpose Food Waste

    The EPA estimates that Americans waste 31% of the total food supply, nearly ⅓ of food produced! All of this wasted food is sent to landfills where the nutrients are buried and the plant matter is emitted as methane gas accounting 18% of the US total methane emissions. Unprocessed food waste also emits nitrous oxides. Methane gas and nitrous oxide are both powerful greenhouse gases; about 28 and 298 times more potent than carbon dioxide! However, we can easily solve this issue.  By composting our food waste, we emit significantly less methane and nitrous oxides, decreasing our greenhouse gas footprint by about 1,000 times! We also conserve our region’s natural resources by recycling essential nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) back into the soil, yum!

    Calculate your greenhouse gas footprint with the EPA!

    1 gallon of compostables = 0.29 metric tonnes of CO2 reduced = 685 miles not driven!

    Check out, Let Us Compost Calculator.

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