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Terms of Service

Data Privacy Policy

Compost Cache Valley LLC does not, and never will, sell private information that customers provide to us for the use of our services or the purchase of products. Know that your data is secured via your online account. It’s that simple!

Subscription Terms & Agreement

Registering for Service

Compost Cache Valley LLC requires that each customer sets up an automatic payment to charge their provided account monthly on the day of the month they registered for service. Upon registration, your collection bin will be delivered to you within one week. Details will be provided via the provided email.

Details for Pickup

Compost Cache Valley LLC will collect your bin from immediately in front of your front door for residential customers (regardless of your housing type) and a previously agreed upon location for offices and food services. Our staff will then leave a clean collection bin at your pickup location.

Canceling Service Subscription Service

If you wish to cancel your subscription, Compost Cache Valley LLC requires you to notify us more than one week in advance of your recurring payment via your online customer profile, by email at, or by phone at (435) 562-7210. If you cancel 6 days or fewer prior to your recurring payment, Compost Cache Valley LLC reserves the right to retain 25% of your total subscription price.

Issues with Automatic Payments

Compost Cache Valley LLC’s recurring payment system is designed to be beneficial for both the customer and our operations. However, if you have issues with the recurring payment system, contact us immediately via email at or by phone at (435) 562-7210.  If you do not contact our customer service team and your payment is declined for any reason, Compost Cache Valley LLC reserves the right to impose a 25% fee for the missed payment.  Possible issues include, but are not limited to, change of card number, insufficient funds, or incorrect billing address. Please double check your form of payment while registering for service.

Contacting Compost Customer Service

Compost Cache Vally LLC strives to provide the best service possible for our customers! If you have any question regarding our services or products or any issues with our online platform, contact us! We are available by email at and by phone at (435) 562-7210. Please leave a detailed message with your first and last name and contact method (email address or phone number), and we will return your message as soon as our customer service team is available. Compost Cache Valley LLC asks that you do not share any personal information in your message. Examples include, but are not limited to, billing or pickup address, credit card information, etc.

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