Reduce your food waste and sign up to compost with CCV!

The New Year is here (thank goodness!), and with it comes a fresh start, new goals, and New Year resolutions! If you’re looking for a “green” goal for the year, consider a commitment to reduce waste with some of these waste-reduction resolutions!

Start composting!

Compost Cache Valley offers a variety of composting services. You can compost at home using one of our vermicomposting kits, or let us do the work for you with our monthly subscription service! Both are great ways to divert food waste from the landfill. Plus, composting is a good way to audit your overall waste stream and get you thinking more about how to reduce waste in your home!

Use what you have!

Take stock of what you have, what you need, and what you could do without. Determine what warrants an investment and what can be repurposed from what you or your friends already have on hand. Looking for a new water bottle? You could invest in a fancy metal or glass one that will last years – you could browse your local thrift store or see if a friend has an extra you could have – or you can repurpose that old jar you have sitting in the cupboard! Thinking about prepping a to-go kit to keep in your car? You could invest in a bamboo utensil set or bundle up a set of kitchen utensils and a reusable napkin to toss in your bag – but maybe, first, you use up that stash of disposable kits you have in your glove compartment already. Get creative and use what you already have before buying more.

Repurpose what you can, and select reusable items when making new purchases!

Choose one room in your house and commit to reducing waste there!

This is a bite-size way to start reducing waste in your home. For example, you might commit to reducing plastic in the bathroom by switching to package-free or plastic-free toothpaste and mouthwash, makeup, hair products, face care, and/or body wash. Alternatively, you might try to cut down on your paper waste by switching to reusable napkins and natural or reusable dish sponges in the kitchen. Choose one room and experiment with your waste-reduction options!

Spend more time outside!

Right now, many of us are still confined to the home. This can be exhausting and can make us feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Self-care is part of a sustainable lifestyle, so mask up and head outside! And while you’re out and about, consider turning one walk per month into a beautification walk! Grab a mask, some gloves and a trash bag, and pick up trash as you tour your neighborhood. Of course, be safe, watch for traffic, and don’t pick up anything sharp or dangerous like broken glass or used masks!


Remember, the goal is progress, not perfection. We here at Compost Cache Valley encourage you to join us in resolving to be more sustainable! 

Wishing you all a happy New Year and a prosperous and healthy 2021!