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The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years is a time of celebration, family gatherings (well, maybe not this year!), feasts, and gift-giving; however, all these large meals, festive drinks, and wrapped gifts can lead to an increase in our households’ food- and solid-waste which means reducing waste can be difficult.

Compost Cache Valley is here to help! We are offering several services to help you reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill this holiday season. 

Give the gift of composting and keep your food scraps out of landfills!

Give the gift of a composting service! Use Holiday30 for 30% off the first month of all of our recurring subscription services!

Want to give composting for the Holidays, but outside our service area? We have DIY Earthworm Composting Kits available for sale on our website! DIY kits are a great way to get the family involved in at-home composting, and can help you reduce your food waste on-site! 

Already a subscriber? Add an extra green pail for your extra food scraps!

If you think you will have more food waste than usual over the holidays, you can sign up for an extra green bin for just an additional $3 per month. Simply shoot us an email at!

You can also add on one-time or recurring glass collection services!

We will also be offering one-time glass, cardboard, and (live) greenery/tree pickup options over the holiday! Let us do the hard work for you – just sign up for a pickup date (as many as you need!) and leave your (live) greenery and trees out on the curb, place your clean glass in a sturdy box on your porch, or pile up your broken down boxes cardboard the morning(s) of your scheduled pickup! 

One-time collection services

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Reduce waste from gift wrapping and compost the rest!

Consider using brown craft paper or newspaper combined with plastic-free tape for wrapping gifts (Amazon’s tape is compostable!) – unlike traditional wrapping paper, which ends up in the landfill, these options are compostable.

Make these more sustainably-wrapped gifts more festive with a hand-written note or festive drawing, or use some twine to add a piece of greenery, (we recommend a sprig of rosemary or spices like cinnamon sticks or star anise) to the package in place of disposable ribbon. After the holidays, just place these wrappings in a brown bag by your green bin and we can compost them for you! 

Alternatively, consider wrapping your gifts in no-waste options like fabric scraps, scarves, decorative towels, or reusable napkins! 

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Want to further support Compost Cache Valley? Get some swag!

We offer a small line of apparel to rep your love of composting! Produced by small, local businesses, these products make great gifts and remind your friends and family to compost while supporting our local economy 🙂

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CCV Apparel

As always, thank you for being a part of our collective effort to reduce our global impact!

Wishing you a happy – and “green” – holiday season!