Compost Cache Valley

Curbside composting and glass reycling services for your home, business, and events.

 Our Story

Anthony and Rachel co-founded Compost Cache Valley in February 2019.  They moved to Cache Valley for Anthony to study sustainable agriculture systems and soil science at Utah State University.

They did not have access to convenient composting options as they lived in an apartment.  They quickly realized that many of their friends and co-workers also did not have the option to compost.  

Compost Cache Valley started with a single curbside composting service subscription.  Since that first subscription, the CCV team has:

  • Added many more households for curbside composting service,
  • Offered curbside glass recycling service options,
  • Included events, and 
  • Launched a Drop Off Program through the Cache Valley Gardener’s Market.

Anthony + Rachel

Anthony and Rachel are committed to reclaiming essential soil nutrients by diverting compostable materials from the landfill.

When they are not working with Compost Cache Valley, you can find them at their day jobs, walking their dogs – Mowgli and Felix – hiking, and skiing throughout northern Utah, at a local cafe, or at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market.

Our Team!

Anthony Whaley

Anthony (he/him/his) co-founded Compost Cache Valley and directs the Operations and Customer Service teams.  He completed a B.S. in Environmental Geology with minors in SEE (Sustainability, Energy and the Environment) and Chemistry from the University of Dayton.   He currently works professionally as a Geospatial Analyst on US Forest Service contracts.  Anthony serves as CCV’s resident soil scientist and will soon complete Utah State University’s M.S. in Soil Science program.  His graduate research focuses on quantifying and mapping ecosystem services provided by agricultural land and evaluating greenhouse gas emissions from beef production systems.

Rachel Bernardo

Rachel (she/her/hers) co-founded Compost Cache Valley and heads the Communications and Engagement team.  She completed a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations and a minor in Psychology from the University of Dayton.  Rachel also completed a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on human rights and conflict resolution with research interests in sex and labor trafficking.  Outside of CCV, she works professionally at Utah State University.  


Future Team Members

Thank you for your interest in our company!  We are currently looking for additional team members for our operations team!

If you are interested in joining our team, email with your resume and cover letter describing why you want to be a part of our team!

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